Wedding Photographer Florence

Capturing the Romance: Florence Wedding Photographer


Deciding to get married in Florence is among the most romantic things you can do. Who wouldn't want to look back on their wedding photos and remember the wedding photographer Florence and the atmosphere of this quaint Italian town? Your photo shoot will feature all of this magic. If your wedding isn't in Tuscany, you might want to think about going there before to take breathtaking photos in the most stunning settings. If you spend your honeymoon in Florence, the value of your photos will increase significantly. After the wedding, the happiest period will always be recalled.


It has never an Italian town been as exciting and intense! No matter what your needs or budget, Florence - the cultural capital of Tuscany, will be a great choice for any occasion. Florence, one of the most adored cities in the world, is all of this and much more. It’s a true gem for a Florence Wedding Photographer!

Creating Moments: Unique Blend of Portrait and Reportage Professional Wedding Photography


For capturing all the significant moments at the event you require, my professional wedding photography style combines reportage, candid, and portrait photography.


Using creative modern documentary photography, I put a lot of emphasis on capturing true, genuine, and honest emotions. I also compose and direct, even if I have to get involved in the situations because, for me, it's all about creating something beautiful.


I chose to be a photographer in order to capture all of these moments and create something truly unique. It's a real honor and privilege to capture happy couples, their stories, and their adventures.


The relationships I get to build with my clients in order to produce imagery that tells their unforgettable stories are the most fulfilling aspects of what I love to do.

Exclusive Wedding Photographer: Preserving the Moments of Eternal Love

We were inspired to provide our clients with an exclusive photography experience by our passion for capturing the essence of love and commitment. Our objective is to capture breathtaking images that beautifully depict your special love story so you can save your memories for future generations.

Comfort & Enthusiastic

We have had the privilege of working with a wide variety of couples and their families over the last 10 years, and as a team, we have been capturing the passion and connection between people. We are committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all of our clients as we know that all love stories are different and each of them has its own charm.

Relaxed and Distressed

We do our best to make every client's experience enjoyable and relaxed because we believe that everyone should feel at ease and confident in front of our camera. We are here to assist you in preserving the memories of your special day, whether you are planning a big conventional wedding or a small intimate celebration.

Our Style

Our aesthetic combines traditional fine art and modern photography. Every image tells a story, and we work hard to capture the style and atmosphere of your special day. We always strive to produce stunning, classic pictures that our clients will cherish for years.


Our aim is to seamlessly integrate into your day, capturing candid and spontaneous moments without interfering with the flow of your event. A great photographer should be both creative and unobtrusive.

Love & Emotions


Kir and Ira Photography is dedicated to giving you an outstanding experience, starting with the initial planning stages and continuing through to the delivery of your images. As wedding photographers, it is our responsibility to document the beauty and feelings of your special day so that you can keep the memories forever.

Reproduce Emotions to Preserve Memories: Luxury Wedding Photographer in Florence

I've always strived to find the ideal "environment" for sharing my viewpoint and, more significantly, for recognizing the importance of and stark contrast between stopping the moment and capturing the picture of a particular feeling.


Photography must consistently convey emotions and moments in time while also capturing viewers to feel the action through the pictures' emotions.


Our photography will never be intrusive or obvious - it will appear to be through a keyhole. Moreover, your event and feelings will be captured from the privileged viewpoint of those who share your happiness, and it took us years of practice to understand the best way to do it.


Consequently, as the bride waits to arrive, you will see the groom's anxious expression, the first dance, and a friend's tears of joy as he reads a speech - because we have been practicing capturing these moments for years! The stolen photograph of a kiss on the forehead at sunset, feet on the grass, and other unforgettable moments are permanent etchings in your photos and memories.

Dreamy Florence Photoshoot: Exquisite Destination Wedding Photographer Venues


If you're a destination wedding photographer who looking for a beautiful venue in Florence, Italy - there are several stunning locations for you to consider. Here are a few options:


Villa le Fontanelle: This historic villa offers breathtaking views of Florence and the surrounding countryside. Its lush gardens and elegant interiors provide a picturesque backdrop for wedding photography.

Villa Cora: A luxurious 19th-century villa, Villa Cora is known for its opulent architecture and lavish gardens. It exudes charm and sophistication, making it an ideal setting for capturing timeless wedding moments.

Belmond Villa San Michele: This exceptional Renaissance villa perched on a hilltop offers spectacular panoramic views of Florence. The romantic atmosphere, luxury ancient architecture, and charming garden make it a dreamy location for wedding photography.


Villa Mangiacane: If you prefer contemporary and upscale settings, this head of the hills of Florence gem offers a blend of historic architecture and modern luxury, perfect for capturing chic wedding moments.

Boboli Gardens: Although not a traditional wedding venue, this historic garden complex offers numerous picturesque spots for outdoor wedding photography with iconic Florentine landmarks in the background.

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